Skee Golf - Golf Chipping Game

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  • GOLF TWIST ON THE CLASSIC ARCADE GAME - Who didn't love playing some Skee Ball at the arcade growing up?  We paired this classic arcade game and golf to make the perfect backyard game for all ages and skill levels (1-4 players). Endless fun with family and a great game to start a tournament with your friends.
  • WHO CAN GET THE HIGHEST SCORE?! Each player gets 4 balls to score as many points as they can.  Stay safe in the middle and get some decent scores or aim for the 100 point circles in the top corners to take over the game!
  • GREAT INDOOR OR OUTDOOR - This will grab all of the attention at the next barbeque, but don't sleep on it for some indoor fun and practice. Whip it out during some bad weather or in the winter to polish your chipping skills
  • FUN FOR ANYONE - All golfers will be addicted, but you can easily tweak the rules or change the chipping length to make it a friendly game for all ages and skill levels.
  • WHAT'S IN THE BOX? 6ft x 4ft Chipping Target, Chipping Mat, 16 Velcro Foam Golf Balls (4 of each color) and a Dry Erase Scoreboard with Marker