How Can a Golf Putting Mat Improve Your Putting Game?

Using a golf putting mat can help you develop muscle memory with your putting stroke which can lead to improved putting performance on the course. By practicing on a putting mat, you can work on your putting skills and develop confidence in your stroke, which can lead to lower scores and better performance on the golf course. Here is a list of just some of the pros of having a putting mat :


  • Consistent Surface : A putting mat provides a consistent surface for practicing your putting, which can help improve your aim, speed control, and stroke consistency.
  • Portability : Putting mats are lightweight and can be easily transported, making them convenient for practicing at home, the office, or on the road.
  • Versatility : Many putting mats have various slope variations and lengths, allowing you to practice different types of putts and help you develop the skills needed to handle any type of putt you may encounter on the course.
  • Repetition : Regular practice on a putting mat can help develop muscle memory which can lead to improved putting performance.
  • Cost-Effective : Compared to hitting the course regularly, a putting mat can provide a cost-effective and convenient way to practice your putting skills.
  • Use Indoors : Unlike outdoor practice, a putting mat can be used indoors regardless of weather conditions.
  • Easy Set Up : Most putting mats are easy to set up and do not require any special tools or equipment, making them accessible and convenient to use.


We offer two different high quality putting mats.  The first is a 10ft mat that comes with a built in putt alignment tool and markings to practice from different lengths.  This is ideal to roll out anywhere very quickly to get some practice in and store out of sight.  It also comes with a drawstring storage bag and a silicone putting cup.


 TrueBirdie Putting Mat

Our second option is the XL Pro Putting Green.  This mat is 10.5ft x 3ft and comes with a back stop, slope wedge and real putting green flagsticks.  This is ideal for someone who has a practice space and allows you to shoot from  different angles and lengths with the wider green area.


 TrueBirdie XL Golf Putting Green