Golf Grip Trainer - Golf Swing Aid Club Attachment to Correct Hand Placement

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  • ERASE BAD HABITS - Looking to start using the grip that most of the pros use? Ready to switch from your baseball grip? With consistent practice, our Golf Grip Trainer will quickly teach you the correct hand positioning and grip to hold your clubs for any swing!
  • QUICK GRIP CORRECTION - The TrueBirdie Golf Grip Trainer will quickly transform your grip and you'll be using the interlock grip in no time. If you prefer not to interlock your fingers, it will work for you too!
  • USE WITH MOST CLUBS - Built for Right Handed golfers - fits any standard size grip Driver to Sand Wedge. Easily pop this on any club in the bag during a range session or a round to build muscle memory and start swinging the right way!
  • BRING ANYWHERE - throw this in your pocket or in your golf bag to bring with you anywhere for practice anytime
  • BETTER GRIP = BETTER SCORES - the majority of golfers don't grip their clubs properly which can lead to a weak grip and swing flaws. Grip is just one aspect of the game, but perfecting it will shave strokes from anyone's round!