Golf Putting Cup and Putt Accuracy Training Hole

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Practice Anywhere!

Take this portable putting cup anywhere to practice your putting stroke indoor or outdoor. Whether its in your basement, at the office or outside, this putting aid will help you master your putting game.

Pinpoint Accuracy

The black hole is cut to be a regulation sized golf hole at 4.25 inches and this comes with a red insert that makes the hole 2 inches.

Simply put in the red insert for a more difficult putt to really dial in your accuracy. When the Red insert is put in, puts on the edge will ring out - This helps you make sure you're hitting the center of the cup

Repitition for Lower Scores

Bust this putt trainer out anywhere to get some strokes in. Muscle memory will have you shaving strokes in no time.

Durable - Made of a flexible rubber material. It can bend, but won't break.

Use this along with our "Indoor Putting Green and Golf Mat with Travel Bag" for the ideal indoor putting set up. The lip of this putt training cup is super thin for a smooth transition from any surface.