Up and Down Sand Mat - Simulated Sand Chipping Mat for Golf Simulator or Bunker Chipping Practice

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Stuck In the Sand?

The Up and Down Sand Mat can easily be used in your backyard or for hitting into a net inside.  There is no worse feeling than looking at your scorecard after a round and recounting all of the shots you could have saved if you knew how to hit out of the sand effectively.  Get some swings in on this and you'll be shaving shots from you score in no time!

Perfect Simulator Addition

This Sand Mat is the ideal addition to any Simulator or at home practice set up.  With two different types of bristles, you're able to effectively simulate fairway bunkers and greenside bunkers.  The Simulated Sand Chipping Mat can be added to your simulator for true bunker shots instead of just hitting off of your regular simulator mat. 

Accurate Sand Feel

This is the most accurate feeling and performing surface to simulate hitting out of a real bunker on the course.  Tons of soft bristles help simulate hitting out of a well groomed green side bunker while thicker bristles on the other side simulate the feel of hitting out of a shallow fairway bunker.


Sand Mat Measurements are 16in x 12in x 2.5in